We Tackle Big Problems

We look at every project as an explosion of ideas- we move fast, we break things down, and the final product is something great that works right.

Gamebyrd proof of concept


Step one: we sit down with key stakeholders and current customers to discuss goals, learn more about the business, and talk about your current digital strategy. We then dive into any and all metrics, analytics, or other measurable information available to establish a baseline. Why, you might ask? Metrics allow us to create a digital strategy that will result in your desired outcomes.

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We know planning is not the most exciting part of development - plans change and timing can alter. However, to reach any measurable outcome, we need a detailed and vetted plan. This is why we are always looking to the future. Who will be your prospective users? What do their experience and tech needs look like down the road? The more we project, the better the final product will be.


The discovery phase grants us two major pieces of information needed to start designing:

Buyer personas of an ideal customer. This is a 360-degree view of a user that details what their pains are, how they interact with the internet, and even a short story about them (this part is fun)

A conversion funnel: This shows how we intend to attract prospective customers and the steps we will take to bring them down the “funnel” to engage in conversation.

Next, we illustrate the initial wireframe of a user's journey from a first-time visitor to a fully converted customer. Wireframes lead to mockups, either static or interactive depending on the complexity of the application we are developing. The last step of this process is to determine the features needed for a 1.0 launch. This mirrors the conversion flow and user-journey crafted via the wireframes.


Development is a whirlwind. We move quickly and efficiently through this phase, with two-week iterations that help us develop features to mirror the customers’ journey. Key stakeholders are an invaluable resource, and we will ask them to fully interact in each iteration. We keep you involved in all projects through a continuous integration flow. This allows you to see live-rollouts and progress online as we complete features.


Nothing is perfect the first time, and we'll refine until we get it right. Once the website is launched, we will begin to measure everything. There is normally a backlog of features to add to the application after the 1.0 launch, and we use analytics to determine the priority for completing each feature. At this point in the process, we are no longer guessing what a prospective user wants - we are using data and leaning on our insights from the design process to be precise in our next steps.

Our primary focus for most clients starts with the website, but it is important to keep all other digital aspects in mind. Your website serves as the center of your digital strategy, and everything else you present online should be done to generate traffic to the website and lead customers through the conversion funnel.

Pride of the Meadows mockup

A final product – for now

While this process may come to an end, the project is often on-going. We ensure that we keep our clients involved in any future processes without added stress. Our goal is to give you a memorable experience with high-quality results. We are always here to analyze post-launch results, manage add-ons, and, of course, celebrate your success!