Join our Team

What makes us great is how we are different. We are a collective group of individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds. If you want to build cool products, look no further.

Want to get involved? We are 100% remote business, allowing you the opportunity to work from anywhere (like at that cute coffee shop down the street or your couch).

Join the Collective

We are a group of people with a particular set of skills who have joined together to craft great outcomes. All of our employees are contractors, and many folks have their own freelance gigs on the side. This creates a unique dynamic – giving both personal goals and shared goals some time in the limelight. We work to bring you opportunities to engage with challenging projects and to open you up to a network of talented people.

Our projects consist of anything and everything within the digital landscape. Some of our tasks are constantly evolving, but we are always looking for coders, copywriters, visual designers, musicians, social media gurus, user experience experts, photographers, bloggers, chefs, videographers, and everything in-between (SEO bots do your thing). If you have a skill that can be tailored to the internet, we want to hear from you.

Mentorship Program

Calling all college students, recent graduates, or people looking for a career change! Our mentorship program gives you the chance to work as a contractor and try your hand in the freelance landscape. There is no job description for this role because it is dependent on YOU and what YOU want to learn. This is a paid, 100% remote opportunity with flexible hours - which we think is pretty sweet.

To apply, send us an idea of how you think we can improve Caldera. For example…

  • Improving the code of this website (it’s open-source)
  • Rewriting a social media post to foster higher engagement
  • Sharing an interesting article/case study and your ideas on how you would implement it for a client
  • Writing a post for our blog
(Want to do something that will take a lot of time and is outside of the realm of ideas listed above? Reach out to us first and we will compensate you for it if we like it!)

Or if you think your resume or website is 🔥, send it our way. We are excited to hear from you!